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Understanding your client’s financial goals, risk appetite and investment knowledge is a key requirement to ensure that you provide the right advice for your client, and build strong, lasting relationships. With Valweave you can:

  • Conduct a client’s needs analysis and risk profiling
  • Design model portfolios to map asset allocation needs with client’s wealth aspirations
  • Be alerted of any portfolio movements caused by market events


Raise the level of sophistication by empowering yourself with deep insights about your assets under management. Timely access to portfolio valuations, key AUM trends, key performance indicators (KPIs), and business drivers can help you make better decisions and establish a trusted partner status with your clients. Valweave enables you to build a tailored investment advice strategy with:

  • AUM analysis
  • Customer analytics
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Reports & Dashboards


Having the means to capture and analyze client data is a strategic imperative for you. Transparency into your clients’ financial position, income and expenditure, and wealth aspirations will help you boost their portfolios as well as balance your key performance indicators (KPIs). With Valweave you can:

  • Access a single holistic view of clients, their investments and aspirations
  • Capture important client demographic and behavioural data, and preferences
  • Generate customer analytics reports
  • Store key data in the cloud for 24×7 access
  • Establish multiple online communication channels to reduce cost of service


Valweave will assist you to understand your clients’ needs, through a platform for them to engage and collaborate with you and fellow investors, and leveraging client interactions to help you generate key business insights. This can drive your business’ top line and bottom line growth, improve quality of your relationship management function, and build long-term brand equity. Valweave helps you to:

  • Provide social collaboration between clients, RMs, and external stakeholders
  • Generate referrals and sales leads by tapping into clients’ external social network
  • Leverage social media management dashboard to manage brand communication
  • Run product promotions and sales campaigns, and analyze their effectiveness


As wealth shifts to Gen Y populations, clients are more willing to carry out their own research before taking vital investment decisions, and this trend will undoubtedly increase with a rapid pace. Provide your clients relevant tools to help improve their financial literacy and investment process awareness. Valweave assists you to:

  • Publish blogs, research papers, and investment articles
  • Publish webinars, videos
  • Conduct financial awareness trainings online (free/paid)
  • Conduct professional training programs to prepare aspiring wealth professionals for industry certifications


Valweave is powered by a strong enterprise collaboration platform that offers a suite of features to connect, engage, and collaborate across stakeholders. With social integration at the heart of Valweave, your clients, relationship managers, employees, and their interactions will find a common ground.

They can post messages, create groups, drive discussions, and bring their extended social network updates on Valweave. You can create polls and surveys, publish branding messages, and leverage your clients’ extended networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to generate more business leads


Valweave is delivered as a service over the Internet. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the Internet, completely eliminating complex software and hardware management.

Your data—and your clients’—are safe and secure in cloud or on premise. Valweave has been built on bank-level security standards and technology. Your documents are encrypted via SSL, whether they are used on computer to computer, or to and from your Smartphone or tablet.

You are in control over who has access to your data; you can create rules and parameters of communication between each stakeholder. Add or remove people from groups and organize what can be seen or shared, and by whom. All of this, with a single click.


You can monitor your client’s Valweave activities including when, how and what they have accessed. You can view all user activity on one easy-to-read dashboard. Keep an eye on the social platform and be informed of the discussions, who the power users and influences are, and what more they are interested in. You can accordingly strategise your level of engagement with respective sets of clients.


The use of tablets and mobiles is steadily on the rise, and we have made sure Valweave is ready for any and all your users. The application is fully responsive, which means your personalised version of Valweave will adapt to whatever screen size and operating system is being used to browse, as long as there is internet access. Valweave is a fully open wealth platform, connecting you and among clients, RMs, employees and next generation devices.

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